Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management

 Rainfed agriculture- definition, history and its importance in India with particular to references Rajasthan

Problems of dryland agriculture related to climate, soil, technological and socio economic conditions

Soil and water conservation techniques,

Drought: types

effect of water deficit on physio- morphological characteristics of the plants,

Use of antitranspirants-their kind, mode of action and effect on crop yield.

Crop adaptation and mitigation to drought;

Water harvesting: importance, its techniques,

Efficient utilization of water through soil and crop management practices,

Water harvesting techniques in dry farming areas

Watershed management- concept, definition, objectives and principles

Integrated watershed management for drylands

A study of model watershed area

Management of crops in rainfed areas,

Contingent crop planning for aberrant weather conditions,

Alternate cropping and land use strategies for dryland agriculture


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