Weed Management

Weed Management

 Introduction to weeds

Characteristics of weeds

Harmful and beneficial effects of weeds

Classification of weeds

Reproduction and dissemination of weeds

Dormancy in weeds and its types

Crop-weed competition

Principles of weed management

Physical methods of weed control

cultural methods of weed control

Chemical methods of weed control

biological methods of weed control

Herbicide classification

Herbicide active ingradient and formulations

Herbicide application- types and techniques

Herbicidal selectivity to plants

Fate of herbicides


Bio-herbicides and their application in agriculture

herbicide mixture and utility in agriculture

Herbicide compatibility with agro-chemicals and their application

Allelopathy and its application for weed management

Integrated weed management,Weed management in cerials

Weed management in oil seeds and pulse

Aquatic weeds and their management


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